I got to ride the new Specialized Turbo Como and it changed my mind about e-bikes.

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Though I appeared in a promotional video for the Turbo Como, Specialized had nothing to do with this essay, and I received no compensation for writing it.

Who are e-bikes for? Until recently I thought they were only a for a certain type of person: the software engineer with an…


It was like he was invisible, like he wasn’t there at all. Photo by .

Running late for work one morning, the young man decided to take a taxi. He stepped to the edge of the sidewalk and raised his hand and—nothing. Cab after available cab drove by, and yet, strangely, none of them stopped to pick him up. They didn’t even slow down. He…

Four days cycling and camping in Northern Arizona’s monumental, under-appreciated volcanic region

Sizing up Shit Pot Mountain. (Yes, that’s actually what it’s called.)

Halfway between the Grand Canyon and the red rock monuments of Sedona, there is a different kind of geologic wonder, a landscape primarily shaped not by rivers or eons of erosion but by volcanoes. …

5 Camping Destinations Within Cycling Distance Of San Francisco

As you may or may not have realized, Monday is President’s Day. And with San Francisco’s unseasonably gorgeous weather , the three-day weekend is an ideal time to get out for a microadventure.

Although it’s early in the season, camping reservations will be tough to come…

How religion, Belgian pop music, and Rachmaninoff elevate the Bill Murray classic

I will never tire of watching Groundhog Day. In fact—and, perhaps, fittingly—the film only seems to get better with each repeat viewing. That would help explain its steady rise in popularity, from at its release in 1993, to near-universal acclaim today. “ ‘Groundhog’ will never be designated a…

Remi Ray

Marketing for 💰. Cycling and writing for ❤️.

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